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My goal at each clinic is to instill confidence in the horse and rider through teaching the techniques I've spent years developing. No matter where you are, who you are, or your equine background, beginner to advanced, I want you walking away with not only confidence but also the exercises and techniques to rapidly increase your horsemanship skills.

You'll be leaving with an experience and a smile.

Don't be scared of the word "Extreme". It sometimes intimidates individuals who hear it, but what Wylene brings to her clinics is group and one on one time with the riders to increase their knowledge and belief about themselves and their horses. The "extreme" comes from the change you and your horse will make, not from the riding and exercises you'll do. 

I want you learning through laughing and riding!

What to expect

The clinics are real people with real horses- no gimmicks, just real techniques and lots of fun! She wants to push people out of their comfort zones to allow them the experience of knowing they can. She's not here to sell you something, but here to teach you how to ride and handle horses.


One of the things that sets Wylene apart, is she is not afraid to climb on and work through the problems and address the issues you're experiencing in real time. Through her work with colt starting, problem horses, and mustangs she is able to apply her knowledge and skill to achieve results quickly. 



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She will teach you what to do in real life situations when things go wrong by helping you ride your horse stride for stride. You have to know where your body is, as well as where your horse is underneath you. What would it feel like to have complete control and let go at the same time?


By teaching the basic handle, fear extinguishers, getting out on the trail, playing games, partner exercises, equine exercises, body control, and dealing with what happens WHEN it happens, we can build a partnership between you and your horse. What's better than that? She knows you can, and she'll show you how. 

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure you and your horses spot in any clinic, bootcamp, lesson, lay down, or gathering of angels and horses. Clinics have both a minimum requirement of 10 riders and are limited to 15 total riders. Securing your position in the clinic through a deposit also helps the host and Wylene to know if the clinic will have the minimum number of riders needed to put on. This deposit is ONLY refundable if Wylene and the host choose to cancel or postpone the event. 

If it is the participants choice to not attend an event, no refund will be issued, however the deposit will be transferable to any and all future events or lessons the participant chooses to do. Wylene and/or the host and the participant can work together to figure out the best course of method for transferring the deposit. 

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