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Gathering of Horses and Angels with Rob Welch

Wyene's known Rob since right out of high school. He's had such a monumental impact on her life. His gift has helped her not only in her personal life but also with horses and the Mustang Makeovers. Through readings he's done for clients and informally at clinics through our live Facebook feeds they both thought, "wouldn't it be great to collaborate with each other and bring Wylene's clinic riders an deeply insightful experience they'll never forget?" This one of a kind clinic mixes horsemanship, riding, and everything you'd expect out of any other one of Wylene's clinic, with the opportunity to have Rob's insight from your horse, loved ones, and animals. Wylene knows what you're thinking...angels? Animal Communicators? Loved ones reaching through to send messages? Cue skeptical eye roll. Wylene was actually very skeptical and leery, looking at it more as a scheme. Until one day she personally had a reading that absolutely changed her life and opened her eyes to the possibility of his gift. Both her and Rob have been in that exact same place as you, and encourage people to be skeptical but give it a chance. You'd be surprised by how much healing, how many messages of love, and feelings of peace are surrounding you and how much your animals have to say.

There is no format for this clinic other than we build the clinic around what our riders and horses need in that moment. You will ride your horses during the day and in the evening participate in Rob's evening sessions. 

When you sign up for both, what's included? 

Cost: $400 for Wylene's clinic and $250 for Rob's evening classes and readings

Rob offers the following evening sessions:

Intuition class (learning to follow your intuition through group exercises)

Gathering of Angels (where he validates your loved ones are with you)

One on one reading with you and your horse


What's not included?

Each additional horse is $100/horse

Lay down's are $250/horse

Not interested in the evening sessions and just want to ride? Come join us during the day! If you're curiosity gets the best of you, come join us for the evening sessions too.

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