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Welcome to the Extreme Team!

Here is where you will find access to the ever growing Educational Library full of videos, articles, behavioral studies, and more. 

Want to know more about something specific? Don't see something listed in the library? Let us know here!

Ground Work


Basics of ground work, common problems, biting up, lay down, trailer loading, curbside, and more

Riding Library

Topics ranging from mounting, rein management, obstacles, body control, trail riding, buddy sour, cow work, spooking, rearing, and bucking, to advanced techniques like counter cantering, spur down cue, and more

Colt Starting Library

Don't know where to start with starting a colt? Stuck and nothings working? Have a fresh, green horse? Here's a great place to see behind the scenes videos of starting wild and domestic horses to help you add more tools to your tool box

Behavioral Studies

Sometimes I come across unique cases I feel are important to document because of their disposition, age, or un-trainability 

Read and watch the transformations that happen!

EMM Horses

Here you will find mustangs I've competed with throughout my time in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. 

Through these pages, pictures and videos are complied with my thoughts and experiences with each one of my mustangs

Showmanship Library

Do you have what it takes to "Wow" the judges, stand out in the show ring and truly showcase your horse? 

With over three decades of competitive experience under my belt buckle, I'll share with you how to prepare yourself and your horse for what the judges look for 

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