Private Lessons and Lay Downs

Private lessons are available per request at clinics and can be scheduled before or after the clinic times and are tailored to your needs and concerns. 

Cost: $125 for first hour, $100/each hour following

Lay downs are available per request and are done outside of clinic hours, either before or after the clinic. Wylene will set aside private one on one time with you and you horse, teaching your horse how to lay down. You will not walk away from the lesson until you can personally lay down your own horse. There is no time line, whether or not it's 30 minutes or 5 hours, the lesson is tailored to the individual horse and handler, whatever it takes. This can a very emotional time between you and your horse. It can be used for several different things: a horse that is spooky, over reactive, belligerent, pushy, spoiled, rude ground manners, wild horses, domestic horses, and everything in between. Each lay down is different and tailored to your horse. It's an opportunity for us to do a lie detector test on each individual horse. It's their opportunity to show us who they really are. It is very powerful and requires allowing a horse to choose it's own lay down. 

This is not used as a trick, it is a therapeutic session with a succession of changes that Wylene is looking for in your horse. On the ground the horse speaks a language they do not speak on their feet. We are trying to get to the base of the horses brain and to erase past traumas or experiences and allow the horse to be vulnerable and willing to let go of control. It's not entirely about the horse, you will also let go and spend time with your horse on the ground. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it will be their opportunity to bond and release fears, mistrust, and defiance. You cannot predict how your horse will be, because you will be wrong. They will show up, and show you how they really are in the lay down. Ultimately the lay down is about preparing the horse for if and when a dangerous situation arises. A laid down horse would not react but soften and wait for you to save their life without any panic. Which has happened numerous times with Wylenes clients horses, and is exactly why she lays them down. She highly recommends it. She realizes this can be a touchy subject for some based on other controversial lay downs out there. She developed this method with the horses safety and best interests in mind. 

Cost: $250/horse

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