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Confidence Building and Horsemanship Clinics

Well butter my biscuits and round up ol'Tornado! Today's the day and the moment is now...

Expect to be laughing the whole time! It's all about fun, not mindless drills or standing around. Above all, it is about progress, not perfection


You WILL be riding everyday and learning to maneuver each part of your horse. Through one on one instruction and group work you can expect to be cantering, learning to do simple or flying leads, working through obstacles, getting out on the trail, and most importantly making that breakthrough.


She loves getting on the trails to work in real time with common problems: water crossings, horses running up, going to slow, spooking, desensitizing, speed control, herd bound, horses that are too fast/too slow. Wylene also helps tackle problems you'll find on the ground: horses pulling back, trailer loading, respecting handlers space, disrespect, eat while leading, horses that are leading you around. It's about having a level of language with your horse that creates a partnership of trust and respect and awareness in your self. 


Heading 1

Clinics are a minimum of 10 riders and cap at 15. Beginner to advanced, all levels are welcome. It doesn't matter the age, size, discipline, or breed, all horses are welcome.

Clinics are 3 days long but can be shortened (to combine with a mini clinic) or extended

Cost: $350 if only riding one day or $1000.00 for 3 days; Auditors are $30/day. Hosts ride for free.

Although every clinic is different, and tailored to the riders needs, Wylene's goal is to have each participant riding more efficiently and effectively through coaching and confidence building. She not only teachers the basic handle (an emergency stop that will help you ride and guide stride for stride) but also body control, cantering, obstacles, and working on developing confidence in rider and horse through games and drills. She'll happily ride each horse and work with you through any and all problems. Following days are tailored more towards what the riders need most.

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