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Designed without a tree, the Just-B-Natural . It still provides the classic flex seat that riders love, with a wooden swell and cantle to give shape to the saddle and help keep the rider in place, without bars to get in the way of your horse's movement or your close contact. The skirt is also cutback in the front and under the leg for your horse's comfort and precise cueing.

Key Features


• No bars to impede close contact or your horse's movement

• Gel Skirt Inserts

• Inside the skirt gel-like cushions provide spine clearance

• Absorb shock

• Distribute weight

• Cutout skirt

• Lightweight

• Allows for precise cueing

• Barrel-designed fenders

• Forward-hung Stirrups 

• Rider Locking Stirrup Leather Buckle

• Pre-twisted fenders

• Adjustable 3-way rigging

• Disperses pressure

• Wither clearance for high-withered horses

• Hoof pick holder

• 32' Standard Inseam 

Balanced Flex Ride by Wylene

PriceFrom $2,250.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • If you aren’t delighted with your new saddle, You can return this product within 30 days from delivery and we will refund you the Purchase price.

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