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The Saddle pad I use and LOVE! Reinsman makes a large selection of APEX saddle pads, this one just happens to be my favorite! It reminds me of my Arizona roots! 


• For the competitive rider
• A horse that is asked to spend additional hours saddled
• Any discipline where additional shock absorption and comfort are needed

• Our APEX wool is 100% steam-pressed and does not contain any synthetic fibers.
• Wool is a natural fiber that naturally wicks moisture away from the horse.
• The contoured spine distributes weight evenly and provides superior shock absorption.

Reinsman Desert Saddle pad

Excluding Sales Tax

  • • 30” Length
    • 30” Drop
    • ¾” Thick
    • The contour mimics the natural flow of a horse's topline.
    • We fit saddle pads to the horse to flow with the horse, not sit on top of the horse
    • Loin relief allows the pad to flex with movement to allow a maximum range of motion

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