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Xtreme Wylene

The Proof 
Is In The Pudding

Straight from the horses mouth, here are some testimonials for you to check out!

Been to a clinic or event and want to share your experience?

"Wylene completely changed my relationship with my horse, as well as my entire outlook on riding and horsemanship.  My confidence skyrocketed once I was taught how to better communicate with him on a very basic level.  She took me from a place of fear to one of confidence and joy!"

Kelly DelGado

"I realized how much I need to learn. I took Wasabi for a 3 hour ride today. He lines up to the fence for me to get on him which allows me to finally ride him bare back! What a fantastic clinic. Can't wait till next time!"

Mary Walker

"It was terrific. She taught me a lot and I wished I had had more time with her. She said she wants to come back and do a boot camp for about 10 people and I WANT TO BE IN IT!!!! She’s also hilarious."

Sharon Yarbor

"I love how Wylene sets it up for the horse to make a good (or bad) choice, then either leaves him alone for the good choice or socks it to him for the bad choice. My instructor tries to tell me that all the's hard to let my horse make his own choices! I struggle with it in my own riding."

Dr Ruth Sobeck, DVM

“Wylene has been an amazing inspiration to me.  She took my riding and handling of horses to the next level.  I learned that something as simple as laying your horse down can help forge an unbreakable human-horse bond when done consistently.  Wylene truly made a remarkable difference in my life and in that of our horses!  She has become a great friend and mentor.”  

Nastya Delgado

"Wylene Wilson has helped me widen my perspective about working with and understanding horses. She has taught me to be gentle and firm at the same time. She has also taught me the rewards of gaining a horses trust. Overall Wylene is a diamond in a desert! Beyond grateful for her!"

Meg Marak

"I loved my lesson with Wylene, as well as auditing the clinic. She helped me to understand my horse's unique traits and tap into the training he obviously had in his prior life. Our relationship and riding time on the trails has reached a new level!"

Nancy Hoffman

western Horse trainer of the year
Group Clinic wild west horsemanship

“The Extreme Wylene Clinic was something I approached with trepidation, but the day was transformative!! I am so glad I signed up for a private lesson after the clinic. Wylene broke everything down step by step and taught me how to truly ride with confidence!”

Claudia Gomez

"Thank you so much, Wylene, for a remarkable day!  When Eden called me, I knew it would be fun, and I invited my 9 year old great granddaughter to come for the day. I gave her a beautiful horse "Katy" about three months ago. Georgia is passionate about horses, and not afraid of anything, but I never dreamed she would be standing up on a horse that day! I think you will enjoy Georgia's "thank you letter" to me: "Thank you so much for making it possible for me to go to Wylene's Clinic. I had so much fun. When I was riding, I said, "If I fall off, I would get back on. And I did.  I also learned a lot of new things that I can try on Katy. I can't wait to show you them. Love, Georgia." Wylene, you accomplished miracles. Thank you for the best seven hours I have spent in a long time!."

Betty Davidson, 97 years young

I just wanted to say thank you to Wylene for riding my horse Mr. Banks in her clinic since I was unable to do so due to a broken arm.  My confidence and faith in him were badly shaken when he stumbled to his knees and then fell over on me thus breaking my arm. He is only five and a half and doesn't really pay attention to where he puts his feet so he tends to be a bit Bumble footed.  So I was very nervous to have anyone ride him for fear that he might fall on them.  


Wylene volunteered to be my "crash test dummy"  and at the time I was so nervous I didn't even really find that funny. I was only able to watch her ride him on Saturday even though she rode him on Sunday as well. I was so impressed with what she did and what he knew that I had no idea he knew!!


After her riding him and her assessment of him I feel very comfortable sending him out to a trail horse trainer who I believe will do a great job with him and with me to restore my confidence in riding in general and him specifically. This has been an unbelievable blessing to me and I am so grateful to her and her awesome work with him at her Clinic. 

Equine lay down

Although I came to riding late in life, my time with Wylene gave me the confidence to be a better rider and to have a better relationship with my horse.

Jose Arancibia

I was at the audit at the Callabero ring and seen how Wylene rodeo the Wasabi,and she took him on trail when others eating lunch.

And Wasabi back and Wylene continue teaching Coast Guard and teach Wasabi to lateral flexsion on his own and he lay down on his own,became submissive to the situation, and it was nice to watch. 

And myself with Annie had a lesson over Sheri Hastings's arena,Wylene rode Annie ...and Annie got so much confidence, and I can see that she leap over the obstacles without hesitation like before, she's sure about her feet and landing, that I had not seen her like  this.

Grace Yung

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