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This is a year to not miss out on! 2022 is bringing a steady focus of horsemanship, confidence building, and colt starting right to your door through clinics, bootcamps, private lessons, competitions, and unique retreats. 

Check out the variety of clinic options available here, and sign up or reach out to host one today!

The Educational Library is undergoing some changes as we find the best hosting platform we can and the Reality Riding page is bumping up it's fun as we head into warmer months!

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Who Is Wylene?

Wylene Davis grew up in Arizona riding any and every horse that came through her mother’s boarding facility. She took every opportunity she could to work with and train “problem” horses and made a name for herself in the community as a true horsewoman. She has been a professional horse trainer for over 20 years and is no stranger to competitions. She’s competed in rodeo circuits, Extreme Cowboy races, and has developed a strong presence in the Mustang Heritage’s programs. To date she has participated in over 14 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, where she captured three Makeover Championship titles and many top finalist positions. She has also had the opportunity to judge the competition.


Her fearless, daredevil style and effervescent personality garnered her the name “Extreme Wylene”. She has been featured in films such as “Wild Horse, Wild Ride” and NatGeo Wilds “Mustang Millionaire” three part series where she was able to showcase her training style. 



While she still competes, she spends most of her time traveling and teaching confidence building and horsemanship clinics, for both horses and riders, using her own unique approach. She focuses around motivating each to excel and be their very best, safely and confidently. Wylene is passionate about helping others develop a different frame of mind by building their confidence and offering them lifemanship skills. She love teaching people how to become their own trainer by helping young girls and boys rise in the horse industry. She is fearless and fun and you will walk away with a smile on your face that you can't erase. Her leadership ability helps to not only guide horses that are deamed untrainable and unrideable but also riders that are unconfident and fearful, in turn helping both go to the next level. Her objective is to create a ripple effect that will touch the lives of many with her retreats that will be launching in 2023. 

I am honored to be chosen as the Wild Card competitor for such a prestigious event as Road To The Horse. I hope to see you in March of 2021! You can find all the information here